Amatikulu Aquarium Plants

Amatikulu Aquarium plants is a tropical Aquarium Plant nursery. We produce and supply quality Aquarium Plants year round in a hydroponic system to supply Wholesalers and Distributors both in South Africa and abroad.

We are always looking for new customers and distributors of our plants.

We produce about 70 species of plants and have 30 to 40 species available year round. We are able to supply quality plants and very competative prices.

Whats in the website

I have tried to cover the topics where most questions are asked and often most mistakes made when growing aquarium plants.

Where we are

We are situated on the East coast of South Africa and are part of an integrated farm in Zululand. We are part of a farm consisting tropical fish producers (Amatikulu Aquatics), a prawn farm (Amatikulu Prawns) and a Raw hide factory producing rawhide pet chews (Amatikulu Pet Products). This is an ideal site for the situation of this kind of nursery because of its warm climate, with high summer temperatures and moderate winter temperatures. This temperature range is ideal for the production aquarium plants.

Who we are

This web site was designed by myself (Guy Upfold). I have had more than 6 years experience in the production and sale of aquarium plants and many years interest. I am a qualified horticulturist and handle management of all aspects at Amatikulu Aquarium Plants. Our labour force here at Amatikulu consists of Zulu women from the surrounding area who have developed their skills at planting and propagation as well as their knowledge of the different species of plants and their growth habits and preferences.

Planted aquarium
Hygrophilla difformis (grown emerged)
Indigenous to South west africa,  a flowering rotala spp.

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